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News has reached us of the following Sad Events:-
Sad news about the Passing of John Brown,

John died aged 83 a week ago, on 15 April, after 
prolonged ill health. 
His ICL career started in 1967 and continued, I 
think into the 1990s.  Apart from saying that he 
worked at Lily Hill and Lovelace Road in Bracknell 
and at various sites in Reading I have little 
information about his projects – but he did work 
with/for Basil Cousins at one point and on the 
development of One Per Desk.  

I think there was also some MoD involvement , 
perhaps at Northwood.

Reported by his brother, David Brown.

It is the saddest duty of this webmaster to report
the passing of Rita Brown 1938/10/09 to 2017/04/10.

Rita Nash joined ICT early in 1960's and entered 
the company with a knowledge of handling punched 
card equipment, gained from her time at the Kuwait
Oil Company. She was quickly spotted by the magical 
leader of the newly formed Demo Group who operated 
and demonstrated new equipment to potential clients 
at the Putney HQ.

Working with such people as  Edwina McCombe, Pat 
Chandler and Marion Harlow the team were a focal 
point in Putney for new customers.
Rita then moved on to Marketing and also Account 
support until 1993 when she retired and married your 
webmaster Rodney Brown.
We travelled extensively in retirement, and in 2012 
Rita was diagnosed as an Alzheimer's sufferer. The 
disease has taken its toll and five years later Rita 
was ultimately overcome by its impact on her body, 
which had diminished her weight to a mere 32 kilo's.

Rita was not a lady who ever wanted children, but she 
became the step mother of her husbands single child 
Stuart, and was a good step Grandmother to all four 
of her grandchildren.

She is sadly and deeply missed by all who were privileged 
to know her. Funeral details are:- Tuesday the 9th of May
at Beckenham Crematorium, Time 02:15 for her service and 
After at a venue in Hayes, Kent for a Celebration of her 
good works as Rita Nash and later as Rita Brown.

Reported by Rod Brown, her husband of 23 years 6 Months.

Sad news - Frank Tilly has died peacefully in Lister 
Hospital on 15th March age 94.
Funeral is at Harwood Park Crematorium Stevenage on 
Thursday 6th April at 3.30 p.m. Donation (no flowers) 
to RAF Benevolent Fund (Bomber Command Memorial)
Directors are Austin's 01462 438422 who have a 
donation Web Site. 

Matt Farrell 
 Matt, was a well-known member of the Local Authority 
Project services team when I knew him.
Matt though was a man of many parts starting off as 
a professional footballer for Sheffield Wednesday and 
then joining Dataskil in Leeds where he worked on 
system development managing teams of developers, one 
of his claims to fame was that he recruited Angela Thomas. 

During this time, he worked with people such as Liz 
Peggs in implementing the Magistrates Court System 
for East Yorkshire and then moved on to develop the 
Community Charge system.

Whilst in Project Services (based in WAK01) Matt worked 
on many projects and was always well received by our 
Clients and was well known for his wit and no nonsense 

After leaving ICL Matt worked for a short period with 
IBM. Just recently we have been meeting with him and 
were able to re- live some of the good times that we 
spent together.

Our thoughts go out to Matt's family.
Clive Bramley and John Mann

James (Jim) Sylvester Moraghan 
Sadly, Jim passed away on 25th September 2016 aged 79 
due to complications resulting from heart surgery carried 
out 4 days earlier. This outcome was unexpected as the 
surgery wasn't the result of trauma but rather to improve 
Jim’s long term quality of life and survivability. 

Jim was born in Ireland on 2nd July 1937. He was married 
to Jill and the devoted couple subsequently adopted their 
beloved son Andrew. Jill sadly died from cancer many years 
Between 1956 and 1959, Jim undertook and completed a 
full-time course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
at Dublin College of Technology, achieving I.E.E Examination 
parts 1, 2 and 3. In March 1959, Jim joined GEC Telephone 
Division at Coventry as a Test Engineer then, in November 
1959, he joined the Computer Division of EMI in Hayes, 
Middlesex. In 1963, EMI Computer Division became part 
of ICT and Jim transferred to ICT Stevenage (STE04). 
He and Jill relocated to Royston, Cambridgeshire, and 
subsequently to the market town of St Neots, 

Between 1963 and 1970, Jim was involved in peripheral 
development for the 1900 series. 
In 1970 Jim joined the newly formed Special Systems 
Division (SSD), headed by George Roberts, at STE04. 
SSD later relocated to LET06 (No.3 Factory Letchworth) 
and became Letchworth Development Centre (LDC). LDC was
 responsible for the design and development of equipment
 and facilities to enable users to connect non-standard 
(or non-ICL) devices to ICL product range. In 1973, Jim 
was promoted to Senior Engineer. 
 LDC subsequently became Network Development Centre (NDC). 
Jim worked on many key developments and was a first-class 
designer. On the closure of NDC he continued with excellent 
work at Local Premises Business Centre (LPBC) at STE09.

Between 1970 and 1982, Jim was involved in many projects 
including specification, design and commissioning for the 
7015 Remote Job Entry terminal (became product line); 
interface adaptors for alien map-reading digitisers to 
connect to 7905 for MoD at MCE (Mapping & Charting 
Establishment, Feltham); 

co-designer of the fetch-on-the-fly Retrieval Unit for 
CAFS (Content Addressable File store) that became product 
line; H/W design of microprocessor based modules. 

In 1982 Jim became a Chartered Engineer following 
successful application and registration as a member 
of the I.E.E (now the I.E.T). 

Jim subsequently took on a varied quality management 
role from around 1982 onwards on various projects including 
the NATS (National Air Traffic System).
In 2002 ICL became part of Fujitsu Service. On reaching 
65 in July 2002, Jim took well-deserved retirement, 
completing a long career of 43 years in the computer 
Jim was very professional and competent in all his 
activities. He was much respected and a true gentleman. 
He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.
Roger Chick (ICT/ICL1966-2002 )

Dave Nickson
It was with much sadness that I learned of Dave’s passing 
from his daughter. Although he was not a well man in recent 
years it still came a shock since was only recently that I 
was Skyping with him.
It is always difficult to try to summarise a person’s life 
in a few sentences especially someone as accomplished and 
well liked as Dave .
His tales of working in Moscow and introducing flares 
into the city are legendary, this was matched by Dave’s 
wicked sense of humour which stayed with him to the end.
Dave was a great Project Manager working on many projects 
such as Merseyside Fire Brigade where he introduced the 
Client to the world of Gantt charts. My lasting memory 
of Dave was seeing him programming a Calcomp printer to 
produce yards if not miles of a Gantt chart and then 
covering a wall in the Arndale centre with it .

He was a true professional and his attention for detail 
was unsurpassed, he was one of a few PM’s that qualified 
for the Prince accreditation and his filing systems were 
amazing and he helped me greatly in getting many of my 
projects compliant with the Prince methodology .Although 
based in Man12 Dave covered projects in Edi 04 , Wak01 , 
Leeds .

Dave also was a founder member of the “Old Buggas” 
Dave was a great guy and I am pleased to be able to call
 him my friend.
John Mann

Extended Obituary Link
Alexander Burns. Passed away at home on Sunday 8 
January 2017 aged 77 years Funeral Service to be held 
at St Peter and St Paul Church Checkendon on Wednesday 
25 January 2017 at 11:00.

Flowers welcome. Donations in memory of Alex to Macmillan 
via www.abwalker.co.uk . All enquiries to A B Walker 
Blythe House 158 Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1EA 
Tele: 01491 413434.
Alec, as I knew him, was an operator at Putney back 
in the days of the ICT1500/RCA301 when I worked from FEHQ 
supporting the hardware.

He then came to Dataskil in Reading, and we I met him 
again in 1978 when he interviewed me for the job as Admin 
Manager at Dataskil System Centre REA04 in Cardiff Road 
Reading. We realised immediately that we knew each other 
from the early  60s.

We got to know his family, Denise, Richard and Jo very well 
and visited each other’s homes, celebrating Christmas together. 
We played cards and other games after meals. My wife and I 
played in the Dataskil crib team in various Reading pubs and 
clubs with Alec and Denise.

Richard was very interested in cars and at a very early 
age said he wanted to be a rally driver. Alec encouraged 
him by allowing him to drive his car in their very big 
garden in Checkendon, and also at race tracks like Castle 
Coombe. As work driver for Subaru he became World Rally 
Champion in 2001.

After DSC Alec went to the AA in Basingstoke and we lost 
touch with each other. Denise died as a result of a brain 
tumour in 2004 and Richard died from a similar condition 
almost a year later.

Sadly missed by his workmates and fellow Pensioners.
Reported by Adrian Turner.

It is with deep regret that these pages carry the 
announcement of the passing of our friend Bill 
(Robin) Williams on the very last day of December 
in 2016.

Bill was an RAF man and spent some of his service 
time in RAF Squadron No 256 which flew meteors from 
RAF Ahlhorn which was a former Luftwaffe base in 
Germany and when taken over by the RAF it hosted 
this Squadron from November 1952 to February 1958
This was the home of the Gloucester Meteor, a very
early twin engined jet and ground breaking British 

When Bill left the RAF he joined ICT and discovered 
a close community of ex service staff and a very 
sociable group who were very focused on delivering 
service to the customers under sometimes extreme 
conditions around the clock. 

Bill found lifelong friends within this group and 
progressed across all the current ranges of ICT/ICL 
machines including 1900's, 2903, ME29's and Series 
39. However he continued to study his German in his 
time off.

Bill was known to all of the London engineering staff, 
whilst we went home to our families Bill would be out 
doing his bit for the staff. This was due partly to 
Bill having the time to do this Staff and later Union 
Representative roles, but was also a sign of 
his dedication to the task as a firm and clear voice 
for his fellow engineers. 

Even in retirement Bill was the first to offer 
his services as a Pensioner's Representative and 
continued to be a voice of the all of the pensioners 
whilst organising the twice a year re-unions for the 
London team. 

And this he kept up until the start of his illness, 
which began with a bout of ill health which in turn 
led to Pneumonia, and this, in turn returned many 
times during 2016, each bout robbing him of more 
strength and resilience. Bill spent a lot of time 
in UCH London and received very focused care.

Our thoughts now have to be in mutual memory of Bill, 
his determination to care for his fellow engineers 
and now forever with his Brother in Law and his 
family in Wales, now bill has passed on and left us.

Sadly Missed by all, RIP Robin Williams

Extended Obituary Link
Vicki Stewart (formerly Measom) passed away on 
Monday 4th July 2016, aged 65, after a long battle against 

 She was a Quality Manager nominally based at home (HOM99) 
although the unit she worked for was based in Bracknell.

For her funeral we have requested family flowers only, with 
an option to make donations to LOROS, the hospice where she
spent her final few days.

The notice of her death and an online giving page (for 
donations etc.) are both available on the Funeral Directors’ 
Website www.jstampandsons.co.uk.

There are two obvious buttons at the top of the page, and each 
shows a scrollable list.
Vicki’s funeral will be on Thursday 21st July 2016.
If any former colleagues and friends would like to attend, 
could they please contact Richard Stewart by phone on 
07717 049425. This is so that I can confirm numbers, and 
also supply directions/best places to park etc., as Narborough 
is a relatively small village.

The above as reported to Bits and Bytes.

We have just found out about the Loss of Jerry Chatten.
Who I am sorry to say passed on and was laid away
many weeks ago. 

Jerry worked for the Government Section based at Victoria 
House in the mid 1950's where he ran the  Customer Bureau 
along with engineer Nigel Everson. The monthly repair reports 
were produced on the Mark Sensing machines ( anyone 
remember them ?) on the 6th Floor.

The West Central Area Office , under John Brooks,was based 
on the 5th Floor where field engineering was administered from.

Jerry was quite forthright in his  political views, and was one of 
the engineers to be part of the first country wide strike action 
ever to take place in ICT. 

He was later involved in the early days of Computers, operating 
out of senate house in the University complex.

Jerry was a popular London engineer, and always happy
to stop and chat if you met him at work or out of hours.
An item of note about Jerry was that he always kept a 
record of important information, the usual problem for Jerry
was just where that note was kept, was it in his pockets ? 
or in his to filing system  which he carried with him.

We record here the loss of a gentlemen and fellow engineer !
Reported by Bob Tuckett. and detailed by Martyn Best.

Sad news about Alan Pound.

Alan was a Salesman with Local Govt,  Alan left Fujitsu 
about five years ago to take up a post as a maths teacher 
in his home town of Merthyr Tydfil. 

Sadly he passed away on 8th March 2016 after a short 
fight with cancer.Cremation was at Merthyr Tydfil on 
24th March

News supplied by Roger Coope

We have received the following sad news about Frank Pigott:-

Maxine wishes to update the Bits and Bytes Repository for 
Pensioners that Frank Pigott sadly died on the 26 
February 2016 in Bexhill on Sea East Sussex, he was aged 94.  

He suffered with dementia in the latter years of his life 
and was cared for by his wife Vera Pigott.  He leaves Vera,
Diane and Christine his daughters and Maxine, Dominic and
 Xander his grandchildren. 
His funeral is on the 11 February 2016 at the Eastbourne 
Crematorium at 3pm, we are accepting flowers.
Anyone wishing to arrange delivery of flowers should contact 
the funeral parlour on :-  01424 218704

29 Ninfield Road,
TN39 5AE

Reported by Maxine Fifield, who is interested in any stories
or information from the rest of the pensioners about their
 memories of our friend Frank. Please forward any details to
 the web site and we will ensure they reach the family.

We have recieved the following sad news about Eddie Dawkins.

For those of you who knew and worked with Eddie Dawkins at 
ICL, I just wanted to let you know the news that my Dad sadly 
passed away recently after a short battle with cancer.
Dad had turned 80 last May and had always been fit and 
healthy but become very unwell in the autumn with myeloma. 
He was responding very well to chemotherapy treatment and 
was home for 4 weeks in November before being re-admitted 
to hospital mid December with a chest infection. 
Unfortunately lung cancer was diagnosed just before Christmas 
and he passed away last Sunday.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday 27th January with a 
church service in Staplehurst, Kent followed by the committal 
at Vinters Park Crematorium, Maidstone. If you did know Eddie 
and would like to join us at his funeral you will be very 
welcome - please contact me via email or on 07817 856957 
and I will be able to let you know the precise arrangements.

Reported by his Son :- Mark Dawkins 

Peter Brown's Cremation

Dear Adrian.
My father's cremation details are as follows: 
Friday 27 November at 1045 at Kent and Sussex Cematorium, 
Benhall Mill Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 5JJ. 

If anyone would like to send flowers we would prefer a 
donation to the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, 
Tel 02392 690112, email rnbt@rnbt.org.uk.

It was lovely talking to you and thank you so much for 
including this in your newsletter. 

Kind regards
Lorraine Hersbach

News has reached us of the passing of John Lock. 
A well remembered and popular member of the engineering 
community who many will remember. He passed away on 
Monday the 27th of July. 

The funeral will be held at the Amber Valley Memorial 
Park and Crematorium at 3 pm on Monday 10 August 2015. 
The address is: 
Derby Road, Swanwick, Derbyshire, DE55 1BH 
He is survived by his wife, Dorothy, his sons, Ian and 
Howard, and his grandson, Alastair. 

our thoughts are with the family at this Time

ICL Colleagues:-
News of the passing away of George Lynn, 
Repoted by Bill Wood.
George has passed away after a long fight with mobility 
and memory problems which limited his ability to enjoy 
his allotment.

The Funeral arrangements were:-  
Monday 29th June - 3.15pm at Christ Church, 
Eccleston and 4.00pm at St. Helens Crematorium


Some very sad news; Peter Havard died peacefully at his
daughter’s house last night, a few of you will have known 
or worked with Peter so I’m sure you’ll join me in 
remembering his passing.
For those that didn’t know Peter; he worked for many 
years at ICL in Dalkeith, Kidsgrove then in Manchester 
(MAN05) until his well-earned retirement in 1995. He 
was an absolute gentleman, a man of great merit in 
many ways – astonishing intelligence, steadfastly 
religious but not in a proselytising way, very patient 
and a fined-tuned wit. He was also my mentor and 
Father-in-Law for 13 years.
The funeral arrangements are not yet finalised but 
the service is highly likely to be in Alderley Edge. 
Please let me know if you wish to have the details once 

John Manning
Business & Application Services

*** UPDATE ***
If you are attending Peter Havard's funeral, please let 
John Manning know via john@soto.me.uk

Dear Sir,
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our 
father, John Arthur William Dalton, on 16/04/2015 following 
an 18 month battle with cancer of the lung and bladder. He 
greatly missed our mother who died 2 years ago and took a 
turn for the worse after his chemo-therapy treatment did 
not slow the cancer down but rather accelerated it.
John Dalton started work at ICT, 250 Purley Way, Croydon 
in 1961 and worked for ICL/Fujitsu for 33 years until 1994. 
He is most fondly remembered by colleagues in his role as 
Head of MBO in Worsley Bridge Road, Lower Sydenham; he 
also had spells at Putney and Stevenage.
Perhaps our father's proudest achievement at ICL was 
when he received his Cheif Executive's Award for 
Excellance at an awards dinner in Paris - my parent's 
stay at the Hotel Georges V remained long in their memory.

Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Friend and 
Comrade in Arms; this is to confirm details of his funeral 
and wake.The funeral will be held at 3pm on Friday, 
8th May 2015 at Surrey and Sussex Crematorium, Balcombe 
Road, Worth, Crawley, RH10 3NQ

We leave it up to the individual if they wish to send 
flowers (remembering that this is a cremation and 
interment will not be happening on the 8th) or a donation, 
or a combination of both.

Our nominated charities will be MacMillan nurses and 
St Wilfred's Hospice in Chichester, both of whom helped 
Dad in his final days. All other enquiries should be 
directed to our Funeral Directors, BC Baker & Son, 
01883 343219.

Gary, Robin and Mark Dalton.

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